The Myobrace®System is made from medical grade silicone, its flexible splints focus on underlying causes of crooked teeth by unlocking natural growth and development. Treatment is best suited to children aged 3 to 15 and involves using a series of removable intra-oral appliances that are worn for 1-2 hours each day plus overnight while sleeping.

Benefits of Myobrace®:

  • Corrects poor oral habits
  • Develops the jaws
  • Straightens teeth
  • Optimizes facial development
  • Improves overall health
  • Promotes healthy eating habits

How does the system work?

It stimulates breathing through the nose, correct tongue resting position, facilitates correct swallowing and train the lips.

Waiting until all permanent teeth have come through to begin treatment with braces can unfortunately lead to irreversible damage affecting not only the teeth, but also the child’s overall health and development. Poor myofunctional habits (poor oral habits) are evident before all permanent teeth are present, which means treatment of the causes can begin much earlier than originally thought.

The Myobrace®System is an extremely effective orthodontic solution for dealing with a number of problems in children. It functions by creating sufficient room for the teeth, allowing them to come in naturally straight. This is a great decision to make right now. Your child will be grateful later.

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