step1 infoThe first step to your new smile is a consultation with a specialist. During the appointment we will discuss in detail what are the health problems of your teeth and what are the things that concern you. What would you find an aesthetically pleasing? What is that you don't like about your smile, any functional defects causing you discomfort, and what results would you expect from the treatment. It is mandatory to bring Dental x-rays to the consultation /Orthopantomography (panoramic photo) and Teleradiography - profile/. We would need these x-rays to prepare your orthodontic analysis.

           To optimal treatment results I will also need other important clinical information. We will begin with an examination of the teeth and gums, analysis of the quality of basic functions such as swallowing, speech, breathing, opening and closing the mouth. We will talk about the presence of harmful habits (finger-sucking, nail-biting, etc.) or genetic predisposition, because if we do not handle them in time, we will not achieve a stable and satisfying final result.

            The following step is to make dental impression of both of your jaws. I will take a series of photographs that will allow me to analyze the proportions of the face, smile and jaw. Modern orthodontics can offer limitless opportunities for teeth correction. Usually, we are able to solve any problem, regardless of its complexity. In more complex cases, the intervention of other specialists is necessary - surgeon, periodontist, prosthetist, aesthetic dentist.